SimCity BuildIt Unlimited Money Mod Apk

SimCity BuildIt Unlimited Money Mod Apk



SimCity BuildIt is a simulation game that you can play on your android phone. For those who love a simulation games, this one would be familiar. The role you can take in this game is a mayor whose job is to organize the city to make the city better and modern. Because of those job is surely needing a lot of money, you will need a mod apk such as SimCity BuildIt unlimited money to make it easier and more fun to be played. In this game, you also have to build roads, houses, factories, and some decorative stuff with a tidy and beautiful order. Moreover, you have to provide electricity, water, and fire company to fulfill your citizens’ needs. This article will be about SimCity BuildIt unlimited money in order to help you as a “mayor” whose job is to make your city better.

Different with the original version, this SimCity BuildIt unlimited money has been already modificated or hacked which makes this game automatically provides you unlimited money and coins. Therefore, the process of city building would be faster and easier, because some stuff are too expensive to be bought with the effort of saving your own money and coins. You can buy building material such as cement, nails, and many more.


You can search this mod apk in Google Play. After that, download the SimCity BuildIt unlimited money. And then, go to Setting / Security / check the Unknown Source. Install STG SimCity BuildIt apk file until finished. Run it, and reinstall until finished. And you have a SimCity BuildIt unlimited money on your phone which you can play immediately.

The benefit of having SimCity BuildIt unlimited money is you do not need to cheat by yourself. So, you just simply download it, and automatically the unlimited money would be on your game. You have to remember that at the first time you play this game, do not connect your phone with internet (offline) until the game is running, you can activate the internet connection. Next time you want to play SimCity BuildIt unlimited money mod apk, you can simply tap the icon on your phone menu page, and enjoy the game.

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